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Zhucheng Yufeng Machinery shares with you the maintenance method of the smoked furnace.


smoked furnaceSmoked furnace repair and maintenance part:

1. When the hot air temperature is low, check if the steam trap is damaged and whether the pipe leaks. When the hot air and cooking temperature do not rise, check the electric heating pipe and air supply. When the temperature is too high, check the near temperature setting.

2. Before each shift, carefully check whether the steam source, compressed air source and power supply are normal.

3, each class needs to check whether the wood pellets smoker is normal, whether there is an open flame, whether the wood is enough.

4, each class needs to check whether the whole machine is leaking or smoke leaking defects, and repair if damaged.

5, protect the electrical control system, especially the protection of the computer; can not drop the water to the control box and the computer to avoid unnecessary losses.

6. After each shift, the inside of the cabinet should be cleaned and the soot in the wood pellet smoker should be cleaned in time.

Cleaning precautions:

1, smoking furnace cleaning operation points:

Cleaning time: once per shift.

Cleaning position: There are manual valves in the cleaning dispenser, and the cleaning parts are selected, including the smoke pipe and the inside of the box. Under the condition that the pump pressure is sufficient, it is allowed to open all at the same time.

In the part of the smoke pipe, there is also a cover for manual opening and cleaning, if necessary, to clean the internal dirt.

Name and concentration of cleaning solution: a soda tar cleaning agent or a caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) solution with a dilution of 3-5%.

Cleaning amount: about 100Kg each time.

Washing fluid name: water.

Washing time and dosage: After cleaning with 3-5% caustic soda, the residual strong alkaline cleaning solution or dirt must be rinsed with clean water.

2, cleaning method:

1. When the temperature of the cabinet is raised to 70-80 °C, the water pump sprays the cleaning solution, the infiltration time is kept for 2-3 minutes, and then the clean water is poured into the washing tub.

2. Rinse the smoked furnace with clean water and increase the number of rinses if necessary.

Note section:

1. The cleaning pump cannot be idling without water.

2, can not let water splash on the smoke furnace control box and computer.

3. The operator must wear protective equipment when cleaning. The operator pays important attention to the identification of the key points in the operation rules of the smoked furnace

The safety hazards included in the operating procedures, regardless of which one can cause physical hazards, are marked with a general hazard symbol.

Staff qualifications and training

Operations, maintenance, inspection and assembly personnel should have appropriate job qualifications. The operator should correctly define the area of responsibility, the area of management and the area of supervision of personnel. If any staff member does not have the required knowledge, training and guidance should be given. If appropriate, the machine operator can entrust the manufacturer/supplier to do the job. In addition, the operator should ensure that the personnel have fully understood the contents of the operating procedures.

Danger of not complying with safety regulations

Failure to follow safety procedures can jeopardize the safety of people, the environment, and the machine/system. Failure to follow safety procedures will void any claim for damage. Especially the following dangers:

Failure of important machine/system functions.

Failure of special methods of maintenance and repair.

Bringing electrical and mechanical hazards to personnel.


Hot parts on the machine should be protected from contact or insulation. Never remove contact protection devices (such as belt protection) of moving parts while the machine/system is in operation. The safe operation rules of the smoked furnace In order to meet the needs of the production of the workshop, to ensure personal safety and equipment safety, the following provisions are made for the operation of the smoker:

First, the inspection before starting

1. Check that all parts of the equipment are in good condition.

2. Check if the door seal will leak and whether the compressed air pipes will leak.

3. Check if the temperature sensors are normal.

Second, equipment operation

1. Turn on the power and start the smoker. Check the fan and motor for abnormal noise.

2. Open the cooking program through the PLC touch screen, drain the cold water in the steam pipe, cook for 5 minutes, and heat the box.

3, according to the process requirements of various products, the implementation of the correct drying, smoking, cooking and other processes.

4. When using the smoking program, after the production of each product, the box, the flue and the smoker must be cleaned with caustic soda to avoid affecting the quality of the next batch of products.

Third, cleaning and shutdown

1. After the production is finished, the smoke oven must be cleaned.

2. When cleaning the smoker, the water cannot rush to the smoking motor.

3. After cleaning, turn off the steam switch, turn off the main power switch, and drain the steam from the steam pipe.

Fourth, matters needing attention

1. Steam operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the “Code of Operation for Steam Pipe Valves”.

2. The ignition and fire extinguishing of the smoked furnace must be carried out in strict accordance with the operating specifications.

3. During the operation of the smoking furnace, water must be kept at the temperature probe.

4. During the operation of the smoked furnace, it is forbidden to enter the range of 1 meter in front of the smoked oven door to avoid injury by the steam from the exhaust hole. Due to operational needs,on-the-job personnel must be close to machine from the side .


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