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What is the working principle of the high pressure spray cleaning line?


fruit cleaner machineHigh pressure spray cleaning production line introduction

The high pressure spray cleaning production line is one of the most efficient and uniform way. The reason why the spray cleaning machine can achieve such results is closely related to its unique working principle and cleaning method. We know that there are many things that need to be cleaned in production and life. There are many types and links that need to be cleaned, such as oil removal, dust, surface rust, etc. The common manual cleaning methods are slow and costly. The spray cleaning machine can clean the workpiece in batches with uniform effect, strong controllability and low cost. Therefore, the spray cleaning machine is increasingly widely used in various industries.

High pressure spray cleaning production line principle

The bubble shock wave principle can rinse the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve the working efficiency by more than 50%, effectively kill harmful bacteria and decompose residual pesticides. This machine is equipped with a separating board to effectively separate the washing materials from the washed sediment, reduce the turbidity of water, greatly improve the recycling rate of cleaning water, save 80% of cleaning water, save manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency.

The upper part of the machine has high-pressure water spray, the materials runs forward, the debris is discharged from the strip roller, and the back end is cleaned with clean water, so that the materials can be cleaned . Brush cleaning machine is not only suitable for the cleaning of jujube and red dates, but also for the cleaning of spherical fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, potatoes and carrots that do not damage the epidermis.


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