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Vacuum tumbler selection standard and use effect requirements


   What standards do you need to follow when choosing a vacuum tumbler? What are the requirements for the rolling effect of the vacuum tumbler? Next, let's take a look at the standard and use effect requirements of the vacuum tumbler. I hope to help everyone.

  Vacuum tumbler selection criteria and use requirements

  For the vacuum tumbler selected for various vegetables and pickled pickles, it is advisable to use pure 304 stainless steel roller plate, which is corrosion-resistant, and the plate is thicker, and the steel frame is better, which can guarantee the service life.

  Vacuum tumblers for various meat processing are also different. Beef, yak meat, horse meat and other meat products are thicker in fleshy fiber. When using a vacuum tumbler, a vacuum tumbler with a strong punching force should be used. The hobbing structure is steep and large, which can accelerate the tenderization of the meat, absorb the auxiliary materials, and thoroughly pickle.

  It is better to use the hydraulic vacuum tumbler for pickling and processing of fish and seafood. Compared with other ordinary vacuum tumblers, the effect is improved several times.

  The fleshy fiber such as chicken and duck meat is relatively tender. It is better to use a vacuum tumbler to lightly simmer and slow down. The drum speed is generally infinitely variable, and the speed is adjustable. It can well preserve the shape of chicken and duck.


Vacuum tumbler

  Vacuum tumbler use effect requirements

  1. The surface of the meat piece is evenly wrapped by the gel, and the shape and color of the meat piece are clearly visible. Muscle fiber destruction, obviously has a "paste"-like feeling, but the paste is not bad.

  2. Cut any piece of meat with a knife and the color is the same inside and outside.

  3. The softness of the meat: the parts of the hand-pressed meat are inelastic, and the meat strip can not be erected at the end of the meat strip, and the upper end will automatically hang down.

  4. The surface of the meat is very sticky. Stick two small pieces of meat together and lift one piece. The other piece will not fall off instantly.

  The above is about the selection of the standard and the use effect requirements of the vacuum tumbler. I hope that everyone can understand the selection criteria and the effect requirements of the vacuum tumbler.

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