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Three performance technical analysis of the frying machine


frying machineThere are many types of fried foods, and more people focus on health and nutrition. Today's snack food manufacturers are promoting that snack foods can be a healthy balanced diet. Low-calorie, low-fat and low-sugar snack foods are the mainstream of new product development in the future. The development of the leisure food industry and the improvement of people's living standards have made casual foods close to people's lives.

1. The frying machine has a color retention effect: the frying temperature is relatively low, and the oxygen concentration in the frying machine is also low. Fried foods are not easy to fade, discolor, brown, and can maintain the original color of the raw materials.

2. The frying machine has a fragrant effect: the frying machine is fried, and the raw material is heated under a sealed vacuum state. Most of the flavoring ingredients in the raw materials are water-soluble, do not dissolve in the fats and oils, and these flavoring components are further concentrated as the raw materials are dehydrated. Therefore, the frying technique can well preserve the original flavor of the raw material.

3. The frying machine has the effect of reducing the degree of deterioration of the oil: the deterioration of the fried oil includes oxidation, polymerization, thermal decomposition, and the frying machine is mainly caused by contact with water or steam to produce hydrolysis. During the frying process, the oil is in a negative pressure state, the gas dissolved in the grease quickly escapes a lot, the generated water vapor pressure is small, and the frying temperature is low, so the degree of deterioration of the grease is greatly reduced.

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