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Smoked furnace application range and method of use


 The smoked furnace is an important equipment for the production of meat products and plays a big role in the food industry. Today, the editor will tell you about the scope and use of the smoker. I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

  1. Adjust the law. The smoker is suitable for meat-like foods such as sausages, sausages, frankfurters, sausages, fish sausages, sausage sausages, compressed ham, round ham, canned ham luncheons, canned sausages, etc.

  Specific method: the quantitative smoky flavor material is diluted with water and then poured into the meat emulsion, which can be evenly stirred and stirred. Then the finished product is made according to the process.

  2. Mixing method. The smoker is suitable for liquid fluid foods such as vinegar, vinegar, smoked soy sauce, seasonings, beverages, soups, etc.

  The specific method is: injecting a quantitative smoky flavor into a liquid food, and a little agitation can be smouldering. When preparing the vinegar and vinegar smoked soy sauce, the smog process of 4~5 days can be avoided.

  3. Placement method. The smoked furnace is suitable for smoking canned food products, such as oil-impregnated smoked saury, oil-impregnated smoked albacore tuna, oil-immersed smoked salmon, oil-immersed smoked octopus, oil-immersed smoked sardines, etc. Liquid smoked oysters, oil-immersed liquid smoked rabbit meat, oil-immersed smoked chicken, oil-immersed liquid smoked sputum, etc.

  The specific method: injecting the quantitative smoky flavor into the canned can, and then sterilizing the process sealing, and the smoky flavor can be distributed uniformly by heat sterilization. This method is most suitable for the smoky flavor of canned food, but For the color and texture of the solids in the can, it is still guaranteed according to the original process.


Smoked furnace

  4. Impregnation method. The smoked furnace is suitable for block foods such as bacon, smoked fish, roast chicken, roast goose and so on.

  The specific method is: arranging the quantitative smoky flavor and other flavors into a perfume immersion liquid, and then immersing the processed meat, fish, chicken, duck, goose, etc. into it. After a certain period of immersion, the liquid is completed, and then the finished product is finished according to the process.

  5. Sprinkle and spray method. The smoked furnace is suitable for small food varieties such as smoked beans, smoked tofu, fried tofu, and grilled fillets.

  The specific method is: spraying the quantitative smoky flavoring material on the food by spraying, spraying or using sputum. Although the food is small and easy to be immersed, in order to make the smoky evenness, it is required to be flipped while being drenched. When the smoked aroma is sprayed, the finished product is processed according to the process.

    6. Smear method. The smoked furnace is suitable for block foods such as bacon, smoked fish, roast chicken, roast duck and roast goose.

  The specific method is: the quantitative smoked flavoring material is applied to the food with tweezers, but because the block shape is large and the impregnation is slow, it should be applied in several times, and when the smoked perfume is finished, the processing is finished. The process is finished.

  7. Injection method. The smoked furnace is suitable for large-sized food varieties: such as ham, boneless ham, pork ham, shoulder ham, pork ham, belly ham ham, bacon, bacon, tenderloin bacon, shoulder bacon , meat bacon, elbow bacon, such foods due to large block shape, hard texture, so smoked flavor is not easy to immerse food in a short time, so the injection method is better.

  Specific method: the quantitative smoked flavor material is injected into the large piece of meat with a syringe, and all departments are required to be injected. It is also required to inject the side sputum to make the smoked scented material evenly distributed when the smoky flavoring material is injected. In the future, the finished product will be made according to the process.

  The above is about the applicable scope and method of the smoker. I hope everyone can understand the scope and method of the smoker and it will help everyone.

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