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Skills and maintenance methods for meat vacuum tumbler


    The meat vacuum tumbler is a device for pickling and mixing meat and plays a very important role in the food industry. Today, the editor will talk about the use skills and maintenance methods of the meat vacuum tumbler. I hope to help everyone. The details are as follows.

  Meat vacuum tumbler skills

  1. The meat is flipped and squeezed in the tumbler to promote the distribution of liquid brine, promote the extraction and movement of salt-soluble protein, and effectively improve the quality of the product through the tumbler. Therefore, it is necessary to master the best use of the tumbler. The tumbler is a meat that rotates and flips the bucket continuously. The speed is suitable for the best efficiency of the rolling product. Generally, the rotation speed is 7-8 rpm, which can be adjusted according to the needs of different products. 

  2. In the process of rolling production, continuous rolling is not necessary, and it is bothersome and painful. The indirect time of the product is different. It is usually recommended to roll for 20 minutes and rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

  3. When the tumbler is rotating, if the amount of meat in the same is too much, the rotation will be greatly affected, such as uneven mixing; if the amount of meat in the barrel is too small, it will cause excessive rolling and cause meat. The meat is damaged and the cost of consumption is increased. It is recommended to be about 60% of the full barrel load and 5% up and down, depending on the density of the meat.

  4. When the tumbler is feeding, the vacuum pump is turned on. When a certain negative pressure is reached, the suction pipe is connected to the suction material, and the vacuum pump is used to evacuate and maintain the vacuum degree. Controlling the running time, the tumbler has a special time setting button, which can be set according to different needs, so that it can exert maximum efficiency.

  5. Multiple sets of tumble programs can be set on the control panel: “rolling time”, “intermittent time” and“reverse and reverse time” can be set freely.

  6. the tumbler production will have a certain interval, you can customize the settings according to different needs. The intermittent time and working time are separately set, and there are independent time control buttons. The rolling time can be set by the scrolling time on the barrel control panel.

  7. If the working time is set, the machine will automatically stop running after the working time.

  8. After the work is finished, first open the vacuum valve on the drum, and after the pressure inside the drum is parallel with the outside world, open the lid, release the material, and then clean the equipment. Use a professional cleaning agent to wash with water, and then rinse with water.


meat vacuum tumbler

  Maintenance method of meat vacuum tumbler

  1. Before using the meat vacuum tumbler, clean it with clean water and run it for 5 minutes under no load to check whether the rotating parts and vacuum pump are working properly. Make sure that the parts are working properly before feeding, and the top cover is added. The vacuum pump is manually started and automatically stops.

  2. After each tumble operation, rinse with clean water and press the discharge button to drain the sewage to ensure that no residue remains in the cylinder.

  3. According to the process, the rolling time will automatically stop, the material cover will be opened, the discharge button will be clicked, and the cylinder will be automatically rotated.

  4. The vacuum pump should stop the pump once a month to check the oil pollution. If the oil in the vacuum pump is contaminated, the oil should be changed in time. Before changing the oil, the pump must be idling for 5 minutes, let the oil heat up and stop the pump to drain the oil. After injecting new oil (100# vacuum pump oil), refer to the vacuum pump instruction manual for maintenance and maintenance of the vacuum pump.

  5. After each work, open the bottom valve switch of the vacuum pump oil water separator, drain the accumulated water, remove the vacuum inhalation, clean the vacuum oil water separator, and ensure that the vacuum road is unblocked.

  6. Always check the oil level of the reducer. If it is found that the oil level is lower than the height of the oil window by 1/2, 30# mechanical oil should be added in time.

  The above is about the use of meat vacuum tumbler tips and maintenance methods, I hope you understand the meat vacuum tumbler after your use of skills and maintenance methods, it is helpful to everyone.

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