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Rolling effecand control method of tumbler


meat tumblerWhen using the tumbler, the rolling effect of the material can be controlled by adjusting the vacuum degree, the rotation speed, the direction, the load capacity of the material, the time and the temperature.

1. Rotating speed: the rotation of the tumbler, turning the meat in the barrel, the speed is suitable to ensure the best efficiency of the rolling product. Under normal circumstances, we recommend to rotate the speed between 10-12 rpm, but according to different product requirements. Need to make the appropriate adjustments.

2. Rolling machine load weight: When the tumbler is rotating, if the amount of material in the barrel is too much, the resistance of rotation will increase, such as uneven mixing, etc. If the amount of material in the barrel is too small, it will lead to rolling Excessive and causes damage to the material texture and increases costs. We recommend that about 50% of the full barrel load, the tumbler floats up and down between 5%, depending on the density of the material.

3. Time: In the process of rolling production, continuous non-stop rolling is not necessary. Because it is vacuum-rolled and marinated, the product has different intermittent times. It is usually recommended to roll for 20 minutes and rest for 5-10 minutes. The total rolling time is important for product uniformity and standardization. Once a program that produces a standardized product is adopted, it should remain the same. The intermittent rolling is mainly to avoid the temperature rise of the material caused by the friction, and at the same time, the structural structure of the material is not easily damaged.

4. Temperature: Some experts believe that a better bacon color can be obtained in a warmer environment. However, considering the shelf life, safety and yield of the product, it is best to roll at 2-4 ° C. When the product is rolled at 8 ° C or higher, the bonding strength, yield and slicing amount of the product will be significant decline.

5. Vacuum: Vacuum ensures rapid penetration of salt water into the meat and helps to remove air bubbles from the meat. The vacuum expands the meat pieces to achieve a certain tenderness. The vacuum in the tank is usually drawn to 70% to 80% of an atmospheric pressure. However, if the degree of vacuum is too high, it is counterproductive because the moisture in the meat pieces is extracted under high vacuum.

6. Rolling direction: The tumbler gently pushes, massages, lifts, curls and falls the meat pieces for best results. The last 5 minutes of the rolling cycle before unloading should be reversed and the tumbler is used to remove the meat and protein from the back of the roller fins.

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