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Mixing effect and Mixing machine features


The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and the contact parts with the materials are made of 304 stainless steel. Stirring in a single or double axis parallel configuration. The special agitator structure increases the contact area between the agitator and the meat material. During stirring, the meat material is beat, combined and dispersed into a circulation state. At this time, the added sauce liquid will be fully absorbed, and the meat material is in the fluffy state, the meat fiber is refined, the color is bright, and the elasticity is strong. The characteristics of the meat material are kept loose, soft, fresh and tender, so that the sausage products and the meatball products made are elastic, and the taste is tender.


1. The design between the material box and the agitator is reasonable, the structure is compact, and there is no stirring dead angle.

2, single-axis or double-axis parallel mixing, evenly stirred, can mix or disperse materials

3, can choose different mixers according to different materials

4, Have function of forward and reverse  rotation

5. The material box has a discharge port to realize automatic discharge. The discharge is thorough and easy to clean.

6, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation

7. Independent electrical control group, safe and reliable, with strong waterproof performance.

8, the performance is stable and reliable, the shape is neat and beautiful, in line with national health standards.

Zhucheng Yufeng Machinery provides users with complete processing equipment.Mixing machine

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