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Commercial meat tumbler correct operation method and maintenance precautions


  If the commercial meat tumbler is not operated correctly, it will damage the service life of the equipment and cause serious safety accidents. So how do commercial meat tumblers operate correctly? What should you pay attention to in the maintenance of commercial meat tumbler? Let's take a look at the correct operation and maintenance precautions for commercial meat tumbler.

  Commercial meat tumbler correct operation method

  1. Commercial meat tumbler feeding: Turn on the vacuum pump and connect the suction tube to the suction when a certain negative pressure is reached.

  2. Vacuum the vacuum pump and maintain the vacuum.

  3. Control the running time, the commercial meat tumbler has a special time setting, which can be set according to different needs. Make it the most efficient. Time varies from minute to hour.

  4. We can set the rolling time by the rolling time on the barrel control panel. There will be a certain interval when the commercial meat tumbler is produced, and the setting can be customized according to different needs. Convenient and simple. Intermittent time and working time are set separately and have independent time controllers.

  5. The tail work is the discharge cleaning. After the pressure inside and outside the drum is balanced, the reverse drum discharges the material, and after the material is discharged, the equipment is cleaned.

Commercial meat tumbler

  Commercial meat tumbler maintenance notes

  1. After the end of the commercial meat tumbler work, open the vacuum oil water separator bottom valve switch, drain the accumulated water, remove the vacuum inhalation, and clean the vacuum pump oil water separator to ensure the vacuum pipe is unblocked.

  2. The vacuum pump should stop the pump once a month to check the oil pollution. If the oil in the vacuum pump has been contaminated, it should be changed in time. Before changing the oil, the pump must be idling for 15 minutes. After the oil is heated, stop the pump and open the oil plug to drain the oil. Wash with some new oil or clean the pump with oil and inject new oil. 3. Always check the oil level of the reducer. If it is found that the oil level is lower than the height of the oil window by 1/2, the mechanical oil of No. 30 should be added in time.

  3. commercial meat tumbler electrical control box should be firmly grounded to ensure safe use of electricity.

  The above is about the correct operation method and maintenance precautions for commercial meat tumbler. I hope everyone can understand the correct operation method of commercial meat tumbler and it will help everyone.

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