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Commercial meat mixer safe operation method and precautions for use


    With the rapid development of technology, the performance of commercial meat mixers has also been greatly improved, and it has been well received by consumers in the market. Today, Xiaobian talks about the safe operation methods and precautions for commercial meat mixers. I hope to help everyone.

  Commercial meat mixer safe operation method

  1. Operate in accordance with the regulations.

  Each commercial meat mixer is equipped with the corresponding operating instructions. The instructions are clearly written with the precautions or the terms of the instructions, but the user rarely operates correctly according to the regulations. Users are expected to read the instructions carefully before use. Improve safety protection measures and reduce the occurrence of injuries.

  2. no worries, focus on energy.

  Because the meat grouting and pressing surface work procedures are relatively simple and the workflow is repetitive, workers often relax their vigilance after a long period of work, shift their attention to other things, and more often chat while working. Although the meat is very skilled, but the hand is only a few centimeters away from the reamer, it is extremely risky to be slightly inadvertent, and most of these accidents are triggered. To do a good job, we must adhere to the "nothing and concentration".

  3. a small "send meat stick", the security patron.

  Since the commercial meat mixer does not have a conveyor track, the commercial meat mixer that has just been purchased is equipped with a meat feed stick, but it is rarely used for reasons such as convenient work or relaxation of vigilance. In fact, the small "send meat stick", the effect and effect can not be small, if you can make full use of the "send meat stick", it will greatly reduce the chance of injury.


Commercial meat mixer

  Commercial meat mixer use precautions

  1. Check whether the ground meat cup cover is covered before starting. After the lid is sealed, the commercial meat mixer can work normally.

  2. The tool can be adjusted or replaced at will according to the actual process requirements.

  3. The processing speed of commercial meat mixer is slow. It may be because the V-belt is loose. The user only needs to adjust the upper and lower positions of the bracket slightly to make the belt tight and tighten the nut. Part of the work does not work either because of overload or loose ends.

  4. Don't worry too much if the commercial meat mixer emits an unpleasant smell when working, or if the equipment is used for the first time.

  5. can not be too much material input at one time, the material should be placed evenly into the equipment hopper, otherwise the meat cutter can not operate normally.

  The above is about the correct operation method and precautions for commercial meat mixer. I hope everyone can understand the correct operation method and precautions for commercial meat mixers.

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