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Brine injection machine operation process and inspection precautions


     The brine injection machine is divided into two types: a mechanical brine injection machine and an aerodynamic brine injection machine. Some brine injection machines add a frequency conversion function according to the technical requirements. The application of the brine injection machine in the field of meat processing is further improved. Here is a brief introduction to the operation process of the Brine injection machine and the precautions for inspection. I hope to help everyone.

  Introduction to the operation process of the brine injection machine

  1. First adjust the juice, and then pour it into the material truck through the filter. Then push the skip into the belly of the fuselage and connect the water pump inlet. Turn on the power.

  2. Check if the machine is running normally. Normal operation means that when the conveyor belt moves forward, the needle goes down.

  3. It can be injected after normal operation. (Start slow start before injection, then start pump start) Check if the pump supply is normal.

  4. Place the meat on the conveyor belt and arrange it evenly. Be careful not to put the meat in the gap between the two sides of the chain to prevent the sprocket from being plugged and affecting the use.

  5. During the injection process, always check whether the filter is clogged. If it is blocked, clean the filter and continue to use it.

  6. Also pay attention to the injection of the injection during the injection process. When the injection is insufficient, it should be added in time.

  7. The stroke of the conveyor belt of the brine injection machine, the pressure, the high speed and low speed can be adjusted, and can be adjusted according to your injection needs.

  8. After the injection is completed, pour the remaining liquid into the clean water and start the machine for cleaning. After cleaning, wipe the appearance of the machine to ensure that the machine is clean.

  9. After the Brine injection machine is wiped clean, check whether the needle is clogged. If there is any blockage, remove the needle and clean the debris in the needle tube with a thin steel wire. In case it affects the injection effect.

Brine injection machine

  Problems to be aware of when checking the brine injection machine

  When using a brine injection machine, we need to check and adjust the equipment to ensure that the equipment can be safely and correctly. When checking the brine injection machine, you need to pay attention to the following problems:

  1. First look at the brine pipe and compression pipe of the equipment.

  2. according to the requirements of compressed air pressure adjustment, the more loose the general product, the lower the pressure, the pressure and needle injection frequency must be adjusted under operating conditions.

  3. Don't forget to put salt water in the salt water tank. Needle, filter and drive belt should be installed.

  4. look at the power cord connection is abnormal, the wire itself is not damaged, so as to avoid unnecessary contact accidents.

  5. Check if the safety door is closed and the safety switches and control buttons are missing or malfunctioning.

  6. Select the appropriate needle injection method according to the product and the injection rate. When the needle is moved downward, the needle is injected downward and the upward movement is injected. Continuous injection is usually used when cleaning the needle.

  The above is about the operation process of the brine injection machine and the introduction of the inspection notes. I hope everyone can understand the operation process of the Brine injection machine and check the precautions.

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