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Automatic frying machine advantage and installation precautions


       With the rapid development of technology, the frying machine has gradually changed from the traditional manual to the fully automatic frying machine. In the market, it is very popular among consumers. So what are the advantages of a fully automatic frying machine compared to a conventional frying machine? What should I pay attention to when installing the automatic frying machine? Today, Xiaobian talks about the advantages of automatic frying machine and installation precautions, I hope to help everyone.

  The advantages of automatic frying machine

  1. Improve quality and ensure health

  The special process makes the residue and animal oils leave the working layer, and the middle part heating effectively controls the convection of the upper and lower oil layers, thus ensuring the purity of various oil layers. The fried foods are not only color and flavor, but also have a clean and beautiful appearance (no black spots) and improve product quality. , extended shelf life.

  2, using the principle, the oil does not change

  Using the principle of different proportions of oil, water and animal oil, the residue generated in the working process is completely submerged in water, and the animal oil and fat sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil, which fundamentally solves the residue, animal fat and frying in the traditional frying machine. Oleic acidification carbonization and deterioration produce carcinogens.

  3, the oil is not odorous, a multi-purpose machine

  The automatic frying machine process adopts limit control, zone temperature control, scientific use of the specific gravity relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the animal oil leached from the fried food naturally sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so that the middle and upper working oil is always pure and can be fried at the same time. A variety of foods, do not taste each other, a multi-purpose machine, can increase your business variety.

  4, saving oil, good for environmental protection

  The automatic frying machine solves the problem that the traditional frying machine is overheated and dried, causing a large amount of oil to volatilize. The oil-water mixing frying machine technology keeps the water below the oil layer from generating a small amount of steam, and penetrates the oil layer to replenish the frying oil, thereby inhibiting the oil from being volatilized. The central heating process can control the upper and lower temperatures according to the needs of the electronic control device. It can effectively alleviate the oxidation degree of fried oil and inhibit the production of acid medium, thus prolonging the life cycle of frying machine frying oil and reducing waste. It saves more than 50% of oil compared with traditional frying machine, and reduces air pollution, allowing operators to Avoid the smog of fire.

  5, The automatic frying machine is equipped with automatic temperature control device. The oil temperature can be adjusted freely between normal temperature and 230 degrees. After selecting the temperature according to the explosive, the heating can be automatically controlled to ensure the constant temperature, which not only reduces the energy. It is easy to use and fast, and it improves work efficiency and is very popular among users.


Automatic frying machine

  Automatic frying machine installation precautions

  1. The level of the ground should meet the requirements of the equipment.

  2. The strength of the ground should be heavy.

  3. The sinking or unevenness of the ground will greatly affect the ability and life of the machine.

  4. Use a wrench to adjust the level.

  5. After the power supply is connected, jog each conveyor belt according to the drawing to confirm the direction of travel. Reverse rotation in the case of a reverse power supply may damage the machine. Must be confirmed. 7. After the machine is set, the level must be adjusted. Fill the water to see the level. Measure the horizontal distance of the four corners. If the mechanical performance is poor if the level is not good, the life will be affected and the conveyor belt will be deformed.

  6. Connect the power supply once in the control box.

  7. When the machine is lifted, the lifting ring must be used. Never use a wire rope to hang directly on the mechanical frame to lift the device. It can damage the equipment and is very dangerous.

  The above is about the advantages of the automatic frying machine and the installation precautions. I hope everyone can understand the advantages of the automatic frying machine and the installation precautions.

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